Honor Roll

A Package Deal
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Abbruzzese
Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge W. Adams
Mrs. Catherine A. Adams
Blake Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Agnew
Ms. Donna Aldredge
Mr. and Mr. Bruce Alexander
Mr. David Alge
Ms. Karen J. Allen
T. Scott Allison
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Alman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Amatuzzo
Mr. and Dr. Kent Anders
Mr. Bobby Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson
Ms. Susan J. Antle
Mr. Matthew Archangeli
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Armistead
Mr. Ray R. Ashcraft, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Asherbraner
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Ashley
Ms. Miriam Atkins
Ms. Loren Avellino
Mr. Jeff Avigliano
Dr. Yousry Y. Azmy
Mr. Kenneth Baerwalde
Mr. and Mrs. Gurnam S. Bajwa
Tracy Barboor
Mrs. Ann Barlow
Barnes Family Foundation
Ms. Nancy Barth
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bashore
Carol Basnight
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Batchelor
Mrs. Beverly Beale
Mr. George F. Becker and Mrs. Carolyn B. Milam-Becker
Mrs. Lorraine Belk
Dr. Robert Benjamin
Mr. John Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Bergeron
Bertsch Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Daryl Bible
Mr. Don Bingham
Mrs. Lou U. Blackman
Ms. Catherine Blakeman
Ms. Ellen Bloom
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
Mr. and Mrs. Dyches Boddiford
Mr. Matthew Bonner
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Borowski
Dr. and Mrs. Hayden Bosworth
Mr. and Mrs. George Bosworth
Mr. Rhea F. Bowden
Mrs. Katherine Bowden
Ms. Katie Boyd
Ms. Emilia Boyette
Ms. Karen Gazda Boyne
Ms. Mary Kay Bozymski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bozymski
Faryl Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brakman
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Brame, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Branton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Branton
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brickey
Ms. Doris Bridges
Mrs. Jane S. Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Brad & Missy W. Brinegar
Dr. David M. Brizel
Ms. Celeste Bromberger
Dr. Arna Bronstein
Ms. Dr. Gwendolyn Brooks
Mr. Walter E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Brown
Mr. Jerry M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Brown
Mr. and Mrs.. A. LeRue Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cole E. Brundage
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brunotte
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Buchanan, Jr.
Ms. Lori Burgart
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Burkert
Mrs. Carma L. Burton
C. M. Herndon Foundation
Ms. Sheila Calderon
Ms. Whitney Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Call
Ms. Susan Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Matt M. Callihan
Mrs. Eileen D. Cardinal
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Carney
Mr. Darryl Carpenter
Ms. Ashley Carr
Mr. Charles Carrick
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Carrick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carriker
Shannon Carty
Ms. Maryann Cash
Mr. Robert Cassano
Ms. Marisela Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Caveney
Mr. Robert Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chancy
Dr. Kenneth W. Chandler
Mr. Scott Bradford and Ms. Abbie Charette
Jing Chen
Mr. and Mrs. John Christian
Mr. Ronald Cinniger
Mr. George L. Clarke, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Clayton
Clinch Valley Medical Center
Mr. Andrew Cline
Mr. and Mrs. John Coakley
Coats United Methodist Church
Ms. Dawn Cocker
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Codd
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Cohen
Ms. Amanda Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Cone
Mrs. Vicki Conforti
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Conner
Ms. Michelle Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cordle
Mr. Bart Corgnati
Ms. Sylvia Corless
Mrs. Arlene W. Corrigan
Mr. Brian Corrigan
Mrs. Arlene W. Corrigan
Mr. Jeremiah Steen and Mrs. Katie Costantino-Steen
Mr. Willie Covington and Dr. Sharon Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Covington
Mr. Edward J. Coyne, III
Mr. Charles E. Craft Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes Craver
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Crawford
Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
Ms. Diane M. Cudd
The Cullman Estate
Dr. William Steven Cummings
Mrs. Susan W. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cunningham
Ms. Jessica Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Curtis
Ms. Jeane C. Custin
Mr. Matt Czagas
D&L Farms, Inc.
Mrs. Leola E. Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daniels
Mrs. Patricia B. Daniels Lindley
Mr. J.R. Daughtry
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Davis
Mr. Ben Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Dawson
Ms. Lesley N. Day
Dealers Supply
Mr. and Mrs. Tad DeBerry
Ms. Crystal Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Delaney
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delfino
Dr. Susan Dent
Dermatology and Laser Center of Chapel Hill
Ms. Amy Deshler
Ms. Ila Deutsch
Tracy DeWald
Ms. Kerry DeWitt
Ms. Shannon Dicely
Mr. Lawrence Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky C. Dishon
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Dixon
Ms. Anna Lee Dorsett
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Doughton
Ms. Elizabeth O. Dronsfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. DuBose
Mr. Turan Duda
Duda Paine Architects, P.A.
Duke Adult and Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic
Duke Brain Tumor Center
Duke Cancer Institute
Duke Department of Medical Oncology
Duke Department of Neurosurgery
Duke Department of Radiation Oncology
Duke Hospital Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. G. Anderson Dula
Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Durham Regional Hospital
Durham Ritz Car Wash
Ms. Anne H. Eastman
Mr. and Mrs. Jess S. Eberdt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Edmonds
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Elchinger
Mr. and Ms. Tommy Elliott
Ms. Lucia Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Engelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Estock
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson O. Everett, Jr.
F.M.Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Fancher
Mr. Andre Fanto
Ms. Linda Cook Fay
Ms. Marilyn Feigle
Mrs. Shirley Few
Mrs. Shirley Few
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Finley
First Citizens Bank & Trust Company
First Insurance Services
Ms. Vicki Fleenor
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah A. Flournoy
Ms. Julie Foley
Ms. Rosemary Ford
Ms. Mitzi Forrest
Ms. Carol Fournier
Ms. Deborah Fox
Fox Family Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Courtney Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Franklin
Mrs. Roberta A. Franks
Ms. Regina French
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa Frost
Ms. Kathy Fuerst
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Fulkerson, Jr.
Mrs. and Mr. Deborah Fullbright
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Furr
Mrs. Dianne R. Gagnon
Ms. Carolyn H. Gaines
Ms. Katie Galbraith
Mr. Kenneth Gamble
Ms. Suzanne Ganschinietz
Ms. Katie Garner
Mr. Mike Gillis
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gilmer
Mr. Stephen Glantz and Ms. Linda Kornberg
Ms. Gale M. Glenn
Janice Goble
Ms. Chandra Godette
Mr. Willie E. Godwin
Mercy Gohil
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Golder
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Will Goss
Mr. Ronald C. Goss and Ms. Denise Lally-Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Gower
Mr. and Ms. Guido G. Graciaa
Ms. Sadie M. Graham
Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Graybeal
Ms. Betty Green
Chao Green
Green Acres Equestrian LLC
Ms. Geraldine Greenawalt
Greenball Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Greshes
Ms. Rebecca Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. William Griffith
Ms. Daisy Gunn
Mr. Todd Gwaltney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Halcik
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hall
Mr. Garnet Hall
Ms. Suzanne Halpin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hannan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hanson
Ms. Elizabeth Hanson
Ms. Helen Harbett
Ms. Sandra S. Harding
Mr. Byron L. Hargett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harkey
Mrs. Pamela Harnett
Ms. Margaret Harper
Dr. David H. Harpole and Ms. Karen Rabenau
Mr. Willie T. Harris, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harris
Ms. Anna Harry
Ms. Amy Haskins
Ms. Bernadette Haubert
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hedrick
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Heimerman
Mrs. Karen Henry
Mr. Chris Henson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Herald
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Hess
Ms. Rachel High
Hilary Farr Entertainment Inc.
Ms. Mary K. Hill
Hilton Garden Inn/Summit Hospitality
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hobgood
Ms. Ellen Hoffman
Ms. Patsy D. Hoglen
Ms. Anne S. Holland
Ms. Anita Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Horn
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Horton, III
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Houle
House and Garden Club
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Bill D. Howell
Ms. Ashley Hudson
Mrs. Sue L. Huffines
Ms. Claudia N. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Hunter
Hutchings & Hutchings
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Hutchings III
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hwang
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Hyer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ingram
Mr. Jay Irby
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Ishizaki
Mr. Charles Jackson
Ms. Sheri James
Ms. Jennifer James
Mr. Robert A. Jeffreys
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Jennings
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Jernigan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins Johnson, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Johnston
Mr. Michael S. Johnstone
Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang K. Joklik
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones
Mrs. Irene H. Joyce
Ms. Nancy Kasch
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kastan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Kearney
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Keir
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kelly
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan, III
Kennon Craver, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Kikuchi
Ms. Jeanette C. Kimmel
Mr. Larry Kinder
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly S. King
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kinsey Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Kirby
Dr. and Dr. John L. Kirkland, III
Dr. and Mrs. John Kirkpatrick
Mr. Rickey Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua W. Kirschner
Ms. Bonnie H. Kissell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knight
Ms. Ellen Koebler
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Kontos
Mr. Gary Koretzsky
Ms. Becky Korman
Ms. Alissa Kosowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Kunkle
Mr. and Mrs. Bohdan B. Kuropas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kuykendall
Casey Kyle
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon J. Lail
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Lang
Ms. Libby Lang
Ms. Judith C. Larrimore
Mr. Jacob Larrimore and Ms. Claire Heymans
Ms. Kathy Larson
Ms. Nancy W. Laszlo
Laurie Landeau Foundation, LLC
Mr. Philip M. Lawrence
Ms. Margaret Lazarz
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lebow
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee
Dr. Stephen L. Lemons
Lenoir Memorial Hospital, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leon
Ms. Regina Leonard
Ms. Nancy Leroy
Robert Leun
Mr. Robert Levin
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lewis
Liberty Mutual Foundation Match
Dr. and Mrs. Rodger Liddle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Liebman
Lifetime Health Care, Inc.
Mr. David R. Lindsay and Dr. Linda L. Fetko
Mr. and Mrs. William Lindsey
Lindsey Self Storage Group
Mr. Nicholas Livengood
Ms. Juanita Lloyd
Ms. Marion B. Lobstein
Mr. Bruce A. LoBuono
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Craven Lowe
Ms. Margaret T. Luther
Ms. Beth Mack
Mr. Patrick Mackie
Ms. Elaine Maher
Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney
Mr. Mike Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Manuel
Mr. John Manuel
Dr. and Mrs. Kelly Marcom
Ms. Cheryl A. Marek
Mr. Jeff Marko
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Martikke
Mr. and Mrs. Herman N. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Matherly Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. May
Ms. Mitzi May
Ms. Janice M. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. McClanan
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome McDade
Mr. Jonathan McDanel
Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Eric McDuffie, D.D.S.
Ms. Margaret B. McGeorge
Ms. Susan McGhee
Dr. and Mrs. Philip McHugh
McKesson Corporation
Mr. Kenneth McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip McMullan
Mr. Paul James McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McQueen
Ms. Abigail Memminger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mercier
Mrs. Yvette C. Mercier
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Meredith
Ms. Katy Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Meyers
Ms. Nancy Michal
Ms. Ellen H. Michelson
Middle Peninsula Insurance
Mr. Randolph Miller
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Miller
Dr. Bradley L. Miller and Ms. Katy Hollister
Mr. Ryan Miller
Mr. Charles Y. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Millsap
Mr. Wight M. Mixon
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Mokros
Mrs. Jean Monk
Dr. and Mrs. Gustavo S. Montana
Mr. Chris Monteleone
Monteleone Enterprises
Mr. Austin Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Morris
Ms. Karin Z. Morton
Dr. Joseph A. Moylan
Ms. Adair Mueller
Ms. Erin Mulhern
Mr. Kevin Mulhern
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mumford
Mr. Jamey Murphy
Ms. Jacqueline Murr
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Mushet
Mr. and Ms. Colin Myer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. David Nalepinski
Ms. Rebecca Naser
National Mah Jongg League, Inc.
Ms. Teresa Nau
Mr. and Mrs. William Nedrich
Mr. and Mrs. Buster Nelson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newman
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nichols
Ms. Marie Nicolini
Mr. and Mrs. William Nix
Ms. Cindy Nordlund
Ms. Regina N. Norris
Mr. Steven Nosbisch
Ms. Kara Nunnally
Kelley O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Jack O'Connor
Mr. Travis O'Hare
Ms. Mary A. O'Neal
Mrs. Connie O'Neil
Mrs. Terri S. O'Rourke
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Oeffinger
Mr. and Mrs. David Olive
Dr. Elise A. Olsen
Tracy Onea
Mrs. Veronica Orihel
Ms. Veronica Orihel
Mr. Ernest G. Owen
Dr. Thomas A. Owens and Dr. Susan Owens
Dr. George Paddison
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Painter
Dr. Manisha Palta
Mrs. Louise Pannill
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Parish
Ms. Sarah Parker
Mr. Miraj Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Tarun Patel
Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Patierno
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Patterson
Dr. Judith E. Patterson
Ms. Jennifer Patterson
Ms. Susan Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie G. Perraut, II
Ms. Colleen Pesi
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Paxton Peters
Ms. Stacey Petrower
Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Phillips, III
Mr. Stephen Pike
Mrs. Penelope L. Pleasants
Mr. and Ms. Brad Pomeroy
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Portnoy
Ms. Janet Pressler
Mr. Steve Pretzer
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Price
Mr. and Mrs. William Pully
Dr. David H. Harpole and Ms. Karen Rabenau
Ms. Susan Raines
Mr. and Mrs. Celso J. Ramos
Dr. Dina Randazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle W. Rasnick
Mr. David Ratcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Otha J. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel A. Reyes
Dr. H. Richard Reynolds
Mr. and Ms. Gary Rhoads
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rhyne
Mr. Kevin Rich
Ms. Lindsay Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Riddle
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Riegel
Mr. Charles Rigsbee
Mr. Gene Rivera
Ms. Bonna Robbins
Ms. Nancy Smith Roberts
Mrs. Jane M. Roberts
Ms. Patricia Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Roe
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Roehrig
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roessler
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roeth
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogers
Mr. W. H. Rogers
Mr. David Rogers
Mrs. Frances Rollins
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Rouse
Mrs. Mary A. Ruegg
Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Ryan
Ms. Kristen Sabiston
Mrs. Susan Sabiston
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Saffold
Ms. Rebecca Saitta
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sasser
Mr. and Mrs. Rowland M. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Sawyers
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schiff
Mrs. Barbara A. Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril J. Schmader
Ms. Julie Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Schrenk
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. David Scieszka
Ms. Serena Scott-Ram
Brenele Seabrook
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Seamans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seid
Adel Selem
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Sell
Ms. Elizabeth Shinar
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sholtz
Mr. William Shore
Ms. Anita L. Shore
Ms. Gail Shulby
Mrs. Mary Alice Simes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Simpson
Mr. Clarence F. Simpson
Ms. Grady Sinyard
Mr. and Mrs. Don Skiba
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sloate
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Slusser
Ms. Karen Small
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Smart
Ms. Lynn Smathers
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Smith
Ms. Louise F. Smith
Mr. Andrew Smith
Ms. Doris Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilbert Smith, Jr.
Ms. Dawn Smith
Ms. Sharon Snellgrove
Ms. Dorothy L. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy A. Solano, Jr.
Southwest Christian Church
Ms. Connie Sowa
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas T. Stallings, Jr.
Mr. Judd Staples & Dr. Betty Staples
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Starke
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stephens
Mr. Richard A. Stevens
Ms. Carolyn M. Stevenson
Ms. Theresa G. Stiano
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stoehr
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Stout, Jr.
Mr. Leighton Strader
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. John Struhar
Mr. Matt Stutts and Mr. John Marsh
Mr. Nathan Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Grant D. Sutherland
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Sweet
Ms. Lynn Swift
Ms. Kimberly A. Taliaferro
Mrs. Diane Tapscott
Mr. Timothy Tattu
Ms. Anna Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Dean C. Taylor
The Forest at Duke
The Home Depot
Dr. Leslie Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Thompson
Thompson & Bender
Mr. and Mrs. William Thorsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tobin
Ms. Nadine Toomey
Towering Pines Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William L. D. Townsend
Mr. Rick Trado
Ms. Lisa Tripathi
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd C. Trivett
Mr. Bradley Truman
Ms. Debra L. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Turner
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Turno
Mr. L. H. Tuttle
Ms. Stephanie Tweddle
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Umstead
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Urban
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Vail
Mr. and Mrs. Jeroen van Wagenberg
Dr. Kevan E. VanLandingham and Dr. Debara L. Tucci
Mr. Darryll Vann
Mr. and Mrs. David Vantress
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Varney
Rev. and Mrs. Timothy L. Vaughn
Mrs. Geneva Vick
Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Virkler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vitale
Ms. Clara J. Vredenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Vredenburg
Ms. Nancy Vrhovac
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Wachter
Ms. Cindy R. Wackerman
Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Wahle
Mr. Michael Waldvogel
Mr. Russell Walker
Ms. Kathryn Walker
Ms. Dorothy T. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walsh
Mrs. Diana Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Warburton, Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Ward
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ward, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warden
Mr. William J. Warfel
Mr. Richard D. Warner
Ms. Stephanie Warren
Ms. Barb Watkin
Mr. Bill Watkins
Ms. Louise Webb
Mr. Mark Webster
Mrs. Lori L. Weckler
Robbi Weinman
Mr. Raymond Wempe
Mr. Scott Wertz
Mr. Gregory Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Whitacre
Mr. John W. Whitener
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Whitfield, III
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Whiting
Mr. Arlon B. Wilber and Dr. Alexandra Powell
Mr. Thomas G. Wilkes
William C. King Construction Co., Inc.
Mr. David Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, Jr.
Francis M. Williams
Williams Mullen Clark & Dobbins
Ms. Margaret N. Wilshusen
Ms. Nacola F. Wilson
Wilson Family Foundation
Wine for Humanity, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wood
Mrs. Patricia Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Worth
Ms. Cynthia B. Yancy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Yarboro
Mrs. Lisa Yarborough
YourCause, LLC Trustee for AIG
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Yowell
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Zambrano
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Zarzour
Mr. and Mrs. Berly Zeigler
Zion Chester AME Zion Church

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