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Duke Annual Sponsors:

Duke ABMT Program
Duke Cancer Institute
Duke Department of Medical Oncology
Duke Department of Neurosurgery
Duke Department of Radiation Oncology
Duke Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center
Duke Regional Hospital


Thank you to our generous supporters listed below!

Jim and Marie Abbruzzese

Catherine Adams

Debra Adams

James Adams

James Agnew

Karen Allen

Benjamin and Zena Alman

Daniel and Theresa Amatuzzo


Bill and Sharon America

Carey and Kent Anders

Charles Anderson and Janie Ziegler

Sharon and Tom Anderson

Craig and Pamela Andrews

Antonia's Restaurant

Patricia and William Armistead

Cynthia Arterbery

David and Natalie Ashley

Donna and John Askew

Susanne Auer

Yousry Azmy

Mary Back

Kenneth Baerwalde

Lisa Bainey and Jim Reed

Dana Barnea

Donna and James Barnes

Barnes Family Foundation

Rebecca Barr

Catherine Barten

Kay and Rolen Basden

Jill and Tom Bashore

Giles Beal

Beverly Beale

Jacintha Bean

Shawnee Becker

Isabelle and Leon Becoats

Anne and Chuck Beddingfield

Lorraine Belk

Kathryn Bell

BelovedNC Inc

Austin and Lola Bennett

Betty and David Bennett

Keith and Roberta Bergeron

Molly Bergeron-Conway

Harold and Rosalind Berk

Jean Bethea and Bill Lindsey

Don Bickley

Biologics by McKesson Corporation

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

Polly Blankenship

Andrew and Danielle Blass

BLU Crew -Messiah Brandon, Solomon Johnson, Caiden Smallwood


Joseph Boima

Charlene and Richard Bonkowski

Matthew Bonner

Carolyn and James Borowski

Hayden and Rebecca Bosworth

Andrea Bowens

Anmarie and Douglas Bowker

Iolanda Bowman

Ron & Lynn Bradshaw

Anita and Jim Brame

Elaine and Kenneth Branton

Betsy and Paul Brewer

Frank and Margie Brickey

Doris Bridges

Josh Bridges

Brad and Missy Brinegar

David Brizel

Arna Bronstein

Jerry Brown

Leslie and Paul Brown

Walter Brown

C.V. Bruce

Carolyn Bruggeman

Veronica Brumbaugh

Cole and Pamela Brundage

Brunswick Community College Odell Williamson Auditorium

Jerry and June Buchholz

Kim and Michael Burchell

Jonathan and Stacey Burkert

John and Kelsey Burleson

Barbara Burnside

Business Software Consults, Inc.

M. Herndon Foundation

Sheila Calderon

Rosalie Calvert

Allen and Priscilla Cameron

Joanne Candela

Eileen Cardinal

Sharleen Carlile

Conchetta and Earl Carney

Carolina Arbors

Carolina Preserve Yarn Spinners

Charles Carrick

Chuck and Gina Carrick

H.C. and Jackie Casey

Robert Cassano

Brian and Erica Caveney

Jamie and Roger Chamberlin

Kenneth Chandler

Mark Chaves

Chi Eta Phi Sorority

Chick-Fil-A South Square

Eric Chow

Christus Victor Lutheran Church

Chad and Katie Chunko

Lisa Cicconi

Ronald Cinninger

City BBQ of Durham

Andrea and Jeffrey Clark

Charlotte and Jeff Clark

Frances Clay

Daniel and Vickie Clayton

Lee Clayton

John and Michele Coakley

Coats United Methodist Church

Debbie and Thomas Coffman

Harvey and Sandra Cohen

Barbara and Joe Collie

Scott Alexander Collie

Dan and Rhonda Colonna

Macey Colvin

Community United Methodist Church

Christina and Loren Cone

Vicki and Vito Conforti

George and Judy Cooper

Jessica Corder

Sylvia Corless

Arlene Corrigan

Natalie and Timothy Corrigan

Armando Covarrubias

Willie Covington and Sharon Taylor

John Craver

Ann and Rhodes Craver

Credit Suisse Americas Foundation

CREO, Inc.

Croasdaile Garden Club

Cub Scout Pack 451

Diane Cudd

Hugh Cullman

Steve Cummings

Geoff and Karen Cunningham

Susan Cunningham

Geoff Daniel

Catherine and James Darling

Linda and Rick Daughtery

J.R. Daughtry

Martha and Stephen Davidson

Ben Davis

Carolyn and Charles Davis

Dave and Rita Davis

James Davis

John and Marian Davis

Jack and Linnie Dawsey

Jeff and Linda Dawson

Pete and Stephanie Delaney

Ila Deutsch

Daniel and Sally Dexter

Gail and Odie Dick

Lawrence Dietz

Michaela Dinan

Jillian Dirkes

Debbie and Ricky Dishon

Marty Dixon


Jane Dodson

Joan and Thomas Dolce

Dennis Dougherty

Anna and Bud Doughton

Joseph and Laura Dregier

Liz Dronsfield

Blissie DuBose

Turan Duda

Duda Paine Architects, P.A.

DUHS Oncology Services Operations


Duke Fuqua School of Business

Duke GI Medical Oncology

Duke GU Oncology

Duke Hospital Auxiliary


Duke University School of Nursing Student Council

Charles and Kimberly Dunbar

Durham Prosthodontics

Durham Regional Association of Realtors, Inc.

Durham Ritz Car Wash

Paul Edelman

Jack and Janice Edmonds

Brenda and Kenneth Edwards

Bruce and Jackie Edwards

Matthew Ehrhardt

Eisai USA Foundation, Inc.

Elisabeth Eisleben

Bert and Sylvia Elchinger

Joseph Elko

Bruce and Lucille Engelson

Art Ernteman

Cindy and Phillip Evans

Elizabeth and Robinson Everett

F.M.Kirby Foundation, Inc.


Robert and Sara Fairey

Robin Famiglietti

Carol and Dennis Fancher

Andre Fanto

Wildfred Farrell

Patricia and Salvatore Fazzolari

Darren Feldman

Marie Felix and Edwin Pagan

Irving Ferguson

Jody and Karen Ferrell

Linda Fetko and David Lindsay

Barbara and Terry Fields

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company

Sarah Fish

Scott Fitzsimmons

Gwen Fleming

Jock and Patricia Flournoy

Katherine Foote

Murray Forbes

Daniel and Jennifer Ford

Forest Hills Garden Club

Casey and Matt Fram

Barry and Samantha Franklin

Elizabeth and Gary Franklin

Roberta Franks

Danielle Friedman

Fred Frost

Bill and Mary Fulkerson

Dianne and Don Gagnon

Mary Gahm

Katie Galbraith

Denise and Edward Garner

Adam and Anderson Garrett

Gateway Building Company

Kyle and Leslie Gazdeck

Lauren Gibbs

Sherrie Gibson

Kaitlin and Michael Gillmer

Peter and Tona Gilmer

Stephen Glantz

Robin Glassman

Gale Glenn

Janice Goble

Willie Godwin

Lauren and Reuben Goetzl

Tatyana Golub and Tommy Spain

Catie and Will Goss

Chad Goss and Denise Lally-Goss

Susan Gossman

Andy and Katherine Gower

Lillie Grady

Sadie Graham

David Greenleaf

Linda and Warren Greshes

Mercer and Mike Griffin

Rebecca Griffin

Elizabeth and Guy Guidry

Paige Guigere

Bryan and Joy Gurley

Eleanor and Rolley Haggard

Garnet Hall

Jane and Joe Hall

Mark and Kimberly Hall

Melvin and Sandra Hall

William Hallman

Dr. Carl Hamill

Kelli Hancock

Hannah and Michael Hannan

Keith and Sandra Harding

Byron Hargett

Virginia Ruth and Robert Harlow

Pamela Harnett

Margaret Harper

David Harpole and Karen Rabenau

Chasie and Steve Harris

Donna Maria and Lennis Harris

Willie Harris

Richard and Trena Hawkins

Healing Hands Music

Hearthstone Luxury Homes

George and Margaret Hedrick

Tom Hedrick

Bernetha and Leroy Henry

Christopher and Karen Henry

Kristen and Steven Hess

Claire Heymans and Jacob Larrimore

Edna Hines

Eugenia Hinson

Josh Hodges

Curtis and Alleene Holland

Katy Hollister and Bradley Miller

Bill and Tiffany Hoover

Hope Valley Garden Club

Katherine Hopkins

Gary and Heather Houle

House and Garden Club

Carson and Jeff Howard

Barbara and Bill Howell

Melissa Hudson

Sue Huffines

Claudia Hughes

Jack and Scott E. Hughes

Vickie Hughes

Cheryl and Ray Hundley

Phil Hutchings and Laurie Jahnke Hutchings

David and Esther Hyatt

Frederick and Patricia Hyer

Jennings Hymans

Insurance People of North Carolina


Jay Irby

Dean and Dianne Irish

Mae Jacks

Maxine Jacks

Thomas Jacobs

Gail and Peter Jansen

Robert Jeffreys

Robert Jennings

Kelly Jernigan

Brad and Eva Johnson

Derwin and Veronica Johnson

Hutch and Kate Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Max Johnson

Paulette and Thomas Johnson

Peggy Johnson

"Johnson & Johnson"

Pat Joklik

Diane and Elmer Jordan

Carla and James Jowers

Sharon Julius-Doucette

Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties

Nina Kadan-Lottick

Michael Kalman

Barbara Kane

Katherine Kantner

Kathryn and Michael Kastan

Shelley and Steve Keir

David Keller

Margaret and Thomas Keller

Cheryl Kelly

Margaret Kemp

Thomas Kenan, III

Kennon Craver, PLLC

Isaac and Marie-Angela Kikuchi

Ginger and William King

Heike and Richard King

Susanna King

John and Rebecca Kirkland

John and Rosemary Kirkpatrick

Randall Kirkpatrick

David and Susan Kirsch

Josh and Kat Kirschner

Joseph and Kitty Kisslo

Joan Korman

Delores and Donald Kowski

Isabel and Norman Krause

Jeremy Kressman

Bohdan and Lydia Kuropas

Bryan and Laurie Lach

Richard Lake

Harry and Kathy Land

Jackie Lane

Libby Lang

Stephen and Virginia Lang

Nancy Langford

Nicole Larrier

Judy Larrimore

Peter Larson and Trish Welsh

Nancy Laszlo

Laurie Landeau Foundation, LLC

Melissa and Willie Lee

Mike Lee

Linda Leimbach

Stephen Lemons

David and Teresa Lewis

Joanne and Rodger Liddle

Elizabeth and Thomas Liebman

Jane Liles

Corinne Linardic

Lindsey Self Storage Group

Nicholas Livengood

Juanita Lloyd

John Locke

Glenda Lodge

Barbara and Lewis Logan

Jeff Logsdon

Helen Loizou

Carla Lopez de Azua

Wilmot Losee

Frank and Lydia Love

Gail and Jon Love

Bill and Sherlyn Lucas

Margaret Lusardi

Margaret Luther

Christina Lynch

Sandra and Smitty Mack

Elaine and Joseph Maher

Antoinette and John Mahoney

John Manuel

Katherine and Scott Manuel

Cheryl Marek

Jeff Marko

Arnie and Dawn Markowitz

Charles and Donna Marshall

Helen and Walter Martikke

Carolyn and J. Ronald Martin

Diane and Herman Martin

Jenny Mattingly

David and Judy May

Emily May

Samantha Maziejka

Joseph and Sally McCaffrey

Jonathan McDanel

Donald and Mary McDonnell

DeForest and Susan McDuff

Margaret McGeorge

Chris and Phil McHugh

Kimberly and William McKibbin

Margaret McKibbin

Charles and Helen McQueen

James and Kathy McVicker

Ari and Diana Medoff


Todd Mesibov

CeCe Meyers

Nancy Michal

Deidra Miller

Georgia Miller

Jamie Miller

Lynne and Randy Miller

Ryan Miller

Sam Miller

Candace Minjares

Marianna and Walter Mokros

Denise and Thomas Montervino

Anne and Victor Moore

Gretchen Moore

Jim and Fran Moore

John Moore

Blair and Richard Morgan

Edward and Elizabeth Morrissett

Cynthia Morse

Karin Morton

Candace and Jay Moseley

Cathy and Mitch Moser

Yvonne Mowery

Richard Mowrey

MSK Adult Long-Term Follow-Up Program

Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Church Action Class

Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Women

Nidha Mubdi

Adair Mueller

Kelly and Mark Mulhern

James Mullarky

Angie and Dan Murray

David Murray

National Mah Jongg League, Inc.

Robin Neal

Bill and Eleanor Nedrich

Gary and Kyla Nelson

Lynn and Theresa Nettnin

Becky and Sam Nichols

Joseph and Krista Nichols

Sharon and William Nix

Aliza and Dave Nogradi

Cindy Nordlund

Regina Norris

Ann and Michael Novick

Kara Nunnally

Dorothy and Lamon O'Neal

John and Sarah Oakes

Old Mill Church of God

Betsy and David Olive

Elise Olsen

Ronnie Orihel

Dede Osborn

John and Marji Oxaal

Joanne Ozment

Diana and John Pagona

Jeff and Patti Paine

Brice Painter

Edward and Ginger Painter

Louise Pannill

Theky and Theodore Pappas

Kenneth Parks

Ila and Tarun Patel

Kim and Steven Patierno

Judith Patterson

Liz Patterson

Lori and Macon Patton

Lou and Rick Paules

Taylor Peak

Murry Perlmutter

Jay and Kay Peters

Paxton and Summer Peters

Lindsay Peterson

Susan Peterson

James Peyton

Harry and Jane Phillips

Marilyn and Tim Phillips

David Pickup

Nancy and Stephen Pike

Kathryn Pollak

Donald and Linda Pollard

Christine Pope

Doris Popovich

Ashley and Jeremy Potter

Daniel and Deborah  Povia

Lucia Powe

Joanne Pugh

Clare and David  Pulman

Dina Randazzo

Raymond E. & Ellen F. Crane Foundation

R.B. Foundation, Inc.

Connie and Donald Reed

Bernadette and Otha Reid

Miguel and Pierrette Reyes

Mary and Rick Reynolds

Donald Rhyne

Seth Ricart

Holly Richard

Mary Richey

Carmen and Harold Riddle

Dorothy and Edward Riddle

Gene Rivera

Riverside High School

Jane Roberts

Ervin and Martha Robinson

Les and Mary Robison

Amanda and Robert Roby

Constance and Ernest Roessler

Sue Rollins

Chip and Sunny Rome

David and Ele Ross

Susan Ross and Thomas Hadzor

RTP Tamil Friends

Mary Ruegg

Erik and Sara Ruotsala

Rosemary Rush

Beth Russell

Kathryn Russell

Dawn and Mark Ryan

Marcus and Marsha Ryninger

Kristen Sabiston

Susan Sabiston

Abby and Al Saffold

Miriam and Nasr Salaita

Charlotte Saltzman

Betty Samuel

Elizabeth Sasser

Phyllis and Rowland Saunders

Henry and Kay Schagane

Elizabeth Schiff

Tara Schoenborn

John and Mary Schrenk

Carol Schultz

Dario and Heather Scimeca

Corie Scott

Bill Seamans

Judith and Larry Sell

Bettie and Charlie Senger

Katie and Paul Sevene

Betty Ann Sharpe

Derek and Joy Sherlock

Stacey Shields

Geri Shivlen

Gail Shulby

Silver Connections

Mary Alice Simes

Linda Simpson

Grady Sinyard

Don and Mary Skiba

Natasha Skinner

Charles Sklar

Karen Small

Sarah Small

Emma and Robert Smart

Barbara and Phillip Smith

Carlton and Kay Smith

David and Sharon Smith

Donna Smith

Edrena and Mike Smith

George and Joyce Smith

Gilbert and Wendy Smith

Joyce Smith

Louise Smith

Ted and Val Smith

Irene and Tom Sorensen

Audrey Spencer

Lance Spencer

Barry and Dianne Spicer

John and Joy Sprink

St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church

Dallas and Donna Stallings

Shane Stansbury

George Stanziale

Betty and Judd Staples

Stearns Financial Group

Chauncey and Edith Stone

Amy Stout

Berry and Ralph Stout

Susan Streeter

Carter and Elise Strickland

Taryn Strickland

Lorrel Strom-Jensen

Mitch Strong

Matt Stutts

Mary Sunday and Christopher Willett

SW Durham Rotary Club

Dallas and Jia Sweet

Barbara and Charles Swetits

Syneos Health

Kimberly Taliaferro

Bubba and Sue Talley

Diane Tapscott

Melinda Taranto-Garnis

Laura and Peter Tawil

Mary Ann Tebaldi

Denise Terry

The Barish Family

The DuBose Family

The Forest at Duke

The Frederick L. Oster Estate

The George and Alice Horton Grandchildren's Fund

The Hoke Family

The Hyndman Family

The Restoration Place

Clay and Faye Thomas

Ticon Properties


Kent and Nadine Toomey

Towering Pines Foundation

Mark Towler

Triangle AANN Chapter

Karen and Neal Triplett

Boyd and Judy Trivett

Daniel and Kathleen Trollinger

Mark Tsujimoto

Michael and Roseann Tucci

David and Jennifer Turno

Heath Tuttle

Dean and Margaret Urban

Vaagi Women Empowerment Group

Jean Vail

Colette Valentine

Javier and Ortrud Vallejos

Jeroen and Sheridan van Wagenberg

Gail and James Vander Weide

Kevan Vanlandingham and Debara Tucci

David and Lisa Vantress

Renee and Scott Vestal

Drayton and Laura Virkler

Robert Vitale

Julie and William Vurnakes

Theodore Waechter

Michael Waldvogel

Julie and Russell Walker

Diana Wang

Andrew Wang

Marty and Samuel Warburton

David and Elizabeth Ward

Richard Warner

Bennet and Jane Waters

Mary Helen Watkins

Watts School of Nursing

Montra Weaver

Jackie Weeks

Priscilla Wells

George Holly and Lillian Whitacre

John Whitener

BJ and Ed Whiting

Donald and Elizabeth Whittam

Rod Wilkes

Patsy and Ray Wilkins

John and Hwasun Williams

Lori Williams

John and Martha Wily

Marie Wirostek

Ann Wolfe

Wolfe Associates Inc.

Laina Womble

Women In Networking

Alexandria Woodside

Samuel Woody

Elaine Wordsworth

Patricia Workman

Michael and Sharon Yankow

Yates Baptist Church

Frances Young

Kelly Young

William Younts

Barbara and Robert Yowell

Derrick Yuen

Aimee and David Zaas

Billy and Sasha Zarzour

Janet Zucker

Leah Zullig


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