Volunteer Spotlight: Arlene

Caring House has long depended on the generosity of volunteers to help us ensure that the day-to-day operations run smoothly and guests are as comfortable as possible. 

Arlene has been a familiar face at Caring House since before we officially opened our doors to guests. Originally hailing from New Jersey, Arlene’s life was personally touched by cancer when she lost her only sister and husband to the disease. When her husband passed, Arlene was sure she would slowly make her way back up North. However, she was surprised to find comfort in the neighbors and friends that rallied around her – something that reminds her of the special sense of community that is at Caring House today. 

Eventually, one of those neighbors, Frankie DuBose, went to take on a challenge from Duke – the beginning of Caring House. Arlene was passionate about the project from the start but never could have imagined that she’d still be involved more than twenty-five years later. She’s quick to say that aside from raising her three children, being a part of Caring House’s journey is one of the most rewarding things she’s ever done. She especially finds joy in being a listening ear for caregivers during her time manning the front desk and is also inspired by the way the community aspect of Caring House positively impacts those going through treatment. 

“Unless you’ve had a family member with cancer, you truly can’t imagine how your life changes at hearing those words. Having the support of other people in the ‘same boat’ really helps.” 

Caring House wants to take this opportunity to thank Arlene, and all of our volunteers, for the time, energy, and positive influence that you continually bring through our front doors. We wouldn’t be where we are without your support, year after year – it’s because of you that we can influence the lives of so many.