The Power of a Paintbrush

About five years ago, Caring House Board member Jeff Howard decided to start something he had always wanted to try – painting. Jeff and his wife love art, developing a collection of North Carolinian and Southwestern pieces over the past 47 years. Through YouTube videos and other artists’ websites and resources, Jeff learned how to paint. “I am constantly encouraged and aided by the ‘real’ artists we have gotten to know. I continually try new techniques and subject matters in an effort to grow and improve,” he said. What started as a new hobby blossomed into something more, and now his framed art hangs on the walls of Caring House’s guest bedrooms.

Jeff got involved with Caring House years ago after being invited to one of our annual galas. He toured our home and was inspired by our mission, joining the board in 2019. Now, he not only gives his time and support to our organization, but also his creative work. “I try to deliver paintings that are colorful and thoughtful, with the hope they will warm the living spaces for our guests,” he said. Ranging from towering forests and pink skies, to rolling hills and boats on the water, Jeff’s paintings often feature picturesque landscapes with brushstrokes in cool tones. 

His donated original artwork decorates our walls and guests are even able to take the pieces they love home with them (accompanied donations of any amount are greatly appreciated).

We asked Jeff how he would describe Caring House in one word. “Welcoming,” he said. 

And that’s exactly how his art feels.  

Former Caring House guest with one of Jeff’s paintings