“Stay at Home” Gala

At Caring House, the month of January is affectionately known as Gala Season. 

However, as we all know, the Caring House Annual Benefit Gala looked a lot different this year.  When COVID-19 caused us to adjust our original plans, we jumped at the opportunity to dream up an entirely new event with even more possibilities for community involvement. 

As we began envisioning what this year’s event would look like, the “Stay at Home” Gala was born!  With the creation of this brand-new initiative, we aimed at celebrating the mission of Caring House, while also meeting everyone exactly where he or she was right now – and for most of us, that was still in our pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon!

As a result, we planned a month-long event honoring our immunocompromised guests, while also allowing our supporters to engage at the time and place most convenient for them. From the creation of each video showcasing heartfelt stories from Caring House ‘family” members, all the way down to the endearing fuzzy, pink bunny slippers Sheridan so graciously agreed to sport in her video – we’ve had a blast!  Needless to say, it’s been a journey – and we’re proud to report we have exceeded our goal of $120,000.00 by over 10 percent.  Wow! 

We’re all still feeling the continued stress of isolation during this long winter season, but if the past year has proven anything, it’s our ability to support each other in ways previously unimaginable.  We’d like to thank our caring community for such an accomplishment! Your donation keeps Caring House operational during these uncertain times and provides a safe “home away from home” for our guests that must face not only the reality of a cancer diagnosis, but the threat from this devastating pandemic every single day.

As we wrap up this year’s Gala Season, we’d like to say “Cheers” and “THANK YOU” from the bottom of our hearts.  We continue to be humbled and honored by your continued support of Caring House.