The Power of Oncological Massage for Cancer Patients

Since 2017, local massage therapist Nick Ngo has been coming to Caring House weekly to provide oncological massages to our guests. As just one part of the healing guest programming we offer at Caring House, our oncological massages are an amazing opportunity for patients who are going through treatment and in need of some relaxation. Even our guests’ caregivers are able to have a moment of healing with a massage from Nick. 

What is Oncological Massage?

Ever wondered what oncological massage is? According to Nick who has practiced in the massage therapy field for nearly 20 years, “the difference between an oncology massage session versus a regular massage is the knowledge and understanding of the side effects from the various cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery etc.) that the guest is having with their healthcare team. Having empathy and the ability to make adjustments to massage positions as the patient may have a port, ostomy, or are wheelchair bound. The Oncology Massage Therapist must have the ability to modify massage techniques and pressure to appropriately provide a safe and effective massage session for the patient.” 

Man standing in Caring House hallway

The Power of Massage Therapy

Nick was inspired by massage therapy after observing an oncological massage therapist who worked with his sick mother during her chemotherapy treatment. When traditional treatments and medications failed to make her feel comfortable, massage therapy did. “It was simply amazing to witness the effect of massage therapy which made my mother feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to have periods of rest without pain. Shortly after my mother passed, I walked away from Fitchburg State University and enrolled in The Salter School of Massage Therapy,” he said.

Nick’s magical touch and kind, gentle personality always leave our guests with a big smile on their faces after their 30-minute sessions. His passion for massage, and specifically oncological massage therapy, shines through his work and he hopes to continue offering massages at Caring House for years to come. 

“I love being the facilitator to assist everyday people recover from their injuries and ailments through the natural power of massage therapy. Especially for the cancer community because of my intimate experience with my mother’s journey. For a cancer patient to report that they have had the best sleep since their diagnosis after having a massage with me, I know I am doing my purpose in life.”

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Written by: Kristen Luft, Communications Associate