March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

You may see the color orange pop up throughout the month of March as Kidney Cancer Awareness Month begins, meant to honor those impacted by kidney cancer and raise awareness for risk reduction. 

Nearly 600,000 people live with kidney cancer in the U.S., and an estimated 81,000 new cases will appear in 2023, making it especially important to share information and resources on the disease to continue to maintain the 77% 5-year survival rate, and make sure it’s caught early in people who may be at risk. The good news? New treatments and medical advancements are shining a bright light on the future of kidney cancer patients. 

Fast Facts: Did you know?

Have you just been diagnosed with kidney cancer? Find resources and support at: Just Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer – Life with Kidney Cancer

Written by: Kristen Luft, Communications Associate