Guest Story: Home Sweet Home

It all started years ago at a McDonald’s walk-up window. Caring House guests Robert and Frances met serendipitously and 47 years later are still married. The Kernersville natives are a sweet couple you can find chatting with other guests in the dining room, or cracking jokes in the lobby. 

After retiring, the two spent time camping around the state, an adventure they say was exciting and gave them the chance to meet new friends. Seven years ago, Robert was told he had liver cancer. The doctors told him he had two years to live, even with treatment. “The doctor told me there was no scientific reason I was still alive. I said, well, I do. The good Lord above,” he said. 

Frances and Robert have enjoyed their stay at Caring House, meeting many guests that are now good friends. They had never heard of our home away from home and were shocked by the affordable nightly rate of $45. For them, the people and restful atmosphere at Caring House stuck out to them, and the knowledge of having other patients to relate to during treatment. Robert is a natural extrovert, proclaiming, “I can sit down and talk to anybody here!”

Caring House doesn’t just provide a respite for patients going through cancer, but for their caregivers too. “It’s peaceful. All of us sick people need that. You come back from the hospital and can relax,” Frances mentioned. “Caring House has been wonderful, we asked Robin if we could just stay here forever!”

Throughout the conversation with Robert and Frances, they speak lightheartedly and lovingly. Their positive outlook on life and gentle smiles can make anyone feel welcome.

As their stay wraps up after six weeks, they have fond memories to bring back home with them. So much so that Frances asks with a laugh, “You sure we can’t stay longer?”

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Written by: Kristen Luft, Communications Associate