Guest Spotlight: Linda & Jimmy Dixon

Linda and Jimmy Dixon have been inseparable since they first met in 1999. In their 21 years together, they have created an extraordinary life. Jimmy spent most of his career as a pastor and at age 62, courageously decided to go back to school for Graphic Design. He is currently pursuing his degree. Linda produced music for James Brown, Gladys Knight, and other music legends. She then spent 17 years using her experience to train and inspire young artists in her community.  So when Linda was diagnosed with cancer in November 2019 she was scared, uncertain, yet at peace because she knew Jimmy would be by her side. 

It wasn’t until after a negative experience at their local hospital that Linda and Jimmy found their way to Duke Cancer Institute. They found hope in the world-class medical care provided at Duke, yet the inevitable travel and hotel expenses caused them to lose sleep.  “It was a miracle the night we met Miss Kelly and the Caring House team, says Linda. She recalls the immediate sense of warmth she felt the moment she walked through the front door. She knew this was where she was supposed to be. Linda now tells every cancer patient she meets at Duke that they need to go to Caring House and “ask for Miss Kelly!” 

“Caring! That is a blessing word. That one word tells the story of this house. They care about you – ALL of them – from the moment you first walk in to when you leave.” 

Both Linda and Jimmy constantly express their gratitude for finding their way to “Miss Kelly” and the Caring House team. However, we are also grateful. Thank you Linda and Jimmy for choosing to stay at Caring House and for making our community a little bit brighter.