Celebrating James Adams

decorative ellipse
decorative ellipse

On Thursday, January 27, we honored James Adams, our beloved friend and the official “Mr. Fix It” of Caring House. His impact will forever be planted in the heart of this organization – just like the Japanese Red Maple tree, we planted to celebrate his retirement. We are so thankful for James and his 13 years of friendship and dedication to the mission of Caring Hosue. His wife, Jeanette, and sons, Lane and Jody attended the celebration.

A few staff members shared their favorite memory of James below!

I will always remember James for his kind heart. He claims he’s an avid hunter and fisherman and yes, he will bring you trout if you want some. However, as far as the hunting goes – let’s just say I’ve seen many pictures of cute bears eating peanuts!

– Kelly, Operations Director

I love that James is always willing to entertain the staff’s crazy ideas – such as completely rearranging our office to make our workspace feel more spacious and inviting. Plus, after every fishing trip he would bring me fresh trout!

-Sasha, Development Director

James is such an asset to Caring House – even though he had to work with 5 women that constantly wanted to rearrange the office! All jokes aside, I know I can always rely on James.

-Sheridan, Executive Director

Thank you, James!