An Extraordinary Evening

“The Founders would have Wept” – Heath Tuttle

A very eloquent observation of an extraordinary evening at Caring House by one of our CARING volunteers! 

“I was a witness and participant in the most touching, moving, and joyful celebration I may have ever witnessed.

No food was provided by outsiders last night, but it came from inside:  the kitchen was well populated with guests preparing or helping prepare a “people’s meal.”

The good-natured fellow from near Myrtle Beach attentively cooked “country green beans.”  A woman I had not previously met put together two deep pots of chicken and dumplings.

There was a mood of promise, anticipation, and cooperation, both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

When the two dishes were ready, at about six, people served themselves or brought food and/or iced tea to folks in the dining room.

Our Myrtle Beach cook—these are mostly religious folks—led a meal blessing, with virtually everyone standing and holding hands.

And the food.

You can’t buy food that good—mouth warming, delicious, and heart-warming.

There was friendly talk at each table, the dining room filled as it used to be.  And there were repeated trips to the kitchen, both for seconds, refills, and desserts, and by self-selected Good Samaritans serving others.

Then inter-table fellowship and loud mirth commenced, filling the room with laughter.

I have never witnessed such cooperation, goodwill, and community at Caring House—or anywhere else before.

The Founders would have wept.

 – Heath Tuttle, Music Therapy Volunteer